Saturday, July 28, 2018

The first 2 weeks

Winnie loves her new baby sister so much!!!

We have officially been home for 2 weeks! Our world has completely changed, I’m not sure we even remember life before Kennedy and I’m ok with that! 

I’m not planning on doing an official birth story post, so long story short... I was in labor for 17 hours only to end up having a c section under general anesthesia. It was an intense and long day but everyone ended up happy and healthy and that’s all we could have asked for! 

Our first two weeks home have definitely been sleep deprived but so so wonderful at the same time. We had no idea how much we could love someone <3  Our days consist of hanging out in our jammies and snuggling on the couch (and taking lots of selfies to send to Chad while he’s at work!)  I’m finally cleared to drive so hopefully we will start to adventure out soon (I’m thinking a Starbucks run might be our first mommy daughter date) 

This is definitely our best adventure yet and we can’t wait to watch our little Kennedy grow <3 

xoxo Emily 

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