Monday, February 12, 2018


Chad and I have been keeping the best secret ever!! We are expecting Baby Girl Thomas this July and are so thrilled to be expanding our little family!  Poor Chad is going to be completely outnumbered, but I know he is going to be such an amazing girl dad! Sorry for all the exclamation points I'm just so so excited to finally be typing this up :) 

If you're interested in a first trimester bump date keep scrolling!!! (fair warning it's long!!!)

Photography by Paula Bedran 

While Chad and I are absolutely thrilled to be having a baby, the first trimester was not easy for me.  I seemed to have a constant yuck feeling and was always, always exhausted! I'm so beyond thankful that I seem to be over that at this point! I'm also thankful for such an amazing partner and teammate that I have in Chad, he totally picked up all of my slack these past few months!
 We have found the best doctor down here!  She is amazing and we are so thankful for her, I know we are in good hands (moving to a new city and having to find new health care providers can be so scary and we really lucked out!! ) Her advice and tips are the best  :) 

I am happy  thrilled to report that as I have settled into the second trimester I am feeling so so so much better! My energy is back and I don't have that constant yuck feeling anymore!!  Actually, just today we cleaned out the once guest room to make way for little baby girl! Her furniture should be coming in the next few weeks and I am in full on nesting mode!

I haven't had any specific cravings but I have been drinking a lot of chocolate milk! I also love Auntie Anne's Pretzels a lot more than usual :) 

First trimester must haves:
I ordered a pregnancy pillow from Amazon almost the second we saw two pink lines and it has been a lifesaver! I carry it back and forth from the bed to the couch and it's seriously the best thing ever! I have also been living in stretchy pants and jammies, my body is changing and tight clothes are just not comfy! I didn't want to buy too many cold weather maternity clothes since it doesn't stay cold in Alabama too long so I am chomping at the bit to snag some cute spring maternity pieces!! 

Thanks for hanging with me for this long post!!! 


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