Monday, January 15, 2018

Chili Weather

Sweater (currently on sale!) / Leggings 

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for their condolences about the passing of my Grandfather.  It is never an easy thing to go through but having such great friends and family always makes it easier.  We had such a crazy end of last week traveling back and forth for the funeral- we were in the car for 18 out of 72 hours and by the time we got home this weekend we were absolutely exhausted! 

Being exhausted and cold was what actually prompted me to make this chili.  It's been one of my favorites for years and it's so easy to make.  The original recipe is from the blog Iowa Girl Eats (original link here) I have tried a few of her dishes and they never disappoint! The best part of this chili is it only takes one pot and you only have to cut up 1 onion, so easy and so so good!!! We like to eat ours with cheese and fritos although I'm sure whatever you like to put on your chili would go great on it!

My sweater is from the Rachel Parcel Every Day Collection and it is so warm and cozy! To be honest, when I first got it in the mail, I was a bit skeptical because it wasn't as soft as I had originally hoped it would be.  But I can tell you first hand (from someone who has real real issues with fabric) that I've worn this sweater all day and it's not itchy AT ALL!! I will definitely be keeping it on repeat as long as this Alabama winter keeps hanging around! 

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