Thursday, August 3, 2017


Every day this beautiful state finds a new way to amaze me! Whether it's a colorful sunset or the gorgeous mountins I drive by every morning on my way to work, there is so much beauty here that I had no clue about! 

These photos were taken out where Chad plays soccer, I love that I get to watch him play the game he loves so much in these breathtaking views! (Also there are usually crazy beautiful sunsets!) I think that as crazy as this world gets it's important to take a step back and remember just how small we are in it. 

I set out to take photos of this top that I found at Target last week, but when I was going through the photos I couldn't help but realize how small I look next to the landscape- which of course led to this post :)  

In talking about the top though, I love how the ruffles move!!  Also, it's probably the softest top in my closet right now (aside from my beloved jammies!) I have looked all over and it's no longer online with Target but perhaps if you check your clearance rack a few might still be out there! And trust me, if you find it, it's totally worth it!

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