Thursday, July 6, 2017

Second half of our long weekend...

 Our actual Fourth of July was pretty low key! I feel like it always happens this way every year. I get so excited about fireworks and yummy fourth of July food and then have way too much fun early in the day and then I'm worthless for the rest of it! This morning we slept in and had french toast for breakfast, after laying around a bit we headed to the pool! We tried to hook up with one of Chads work friends who also lives in our new neighborhood to go to the pool there but the timing didn't work out.  So we spent our Tuesday splashing around our the pool at our apartment complex!

So you're telling me this isn't how I'm supposed to sit in this float? 

Are you sure? It seems to be working pretty well for me! 

All that time in the sun totally zonked us out and after ordering (and devouring) some Pizza Hut we quickly fell asleep! Side note: don't try to eat while watching the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest.  It will make you chew faster and consume more food than normal! Just wait until the 10 minutes until it's finished and eat your pizza like a normal me! 

I was afraid that we were going to miss the actual fireworks but we rallied last minute and made it out to the show! We ended up parking in the Target parking lot and we could actually see 3 different shows at once!  Chad got some really great firework shots on his phone but I didn't want to overwhelm you with photos of fireworks :)

This is the only photo of us that we got.  Please excuse the no make up face but hey, it's real life! We watched fireworks in our jammies drinking vanilla coke and it was amazing! Next year maybe we will pace ourselves better and not end up at the fireworks in our jammies!


For anyone who might be wondering we decided on the Whirlpool Gold Refrigerator in stainless steel.  The other appliances in our house are Whirlpool Gold so the finish should match perfectly! It should get delivered the day we move in, and as silly as it sounds I can't wait to have water in my fridge door again! Another bonus is the freezer has a "pizza pocket" :) they definitely know how to market to millennials!

Sorry this post got so long!!! We are now in the single digits before we get to move into the new house and I can hardly contain my excitement!!! Thanks for reading :) 

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