Friday, July 21, 2017

Busy Bees

So sorry for being a bit absent these past two weeks! Life has been super crazy around here and I've just now had the chance to get y'all caught up! Ive been sharing a few insta stories here and there (@onesouthernbelleblog) so thanks for following along if you do, and if you don't- well now you have the link! 

This is us one week ago. We had just finished up our final walk through of our new home here in Alabama and were on our way to closing  :) Let me tell you, these kids had no idea the chaos that was about to descend on their home!   

Chad's new company is amazing and had movers come to our home in Charlotte, pack us up, store everything while we were home searching/building and then brought it all to us last Friday! They were amazing and I can't image how much work it would have been without them.  However, we had no idea how much stuff they were bringing! The last two months we have been in a furnished apartment so it's pretty safe to say that we forgot about how much stuff we actually have! 

I didn't get a lot of photos of all the boxes, but here's a nice one for you! 

One of my lovely new friends down here came over and helped me with all the craziness and I'm so thankful! We had two sheets of paper that were basically giant bingo sheets that we had to mark off each and every box and piece of furniture.  I felt like I was in a game show with colors and numbers being shouted at me and I had to find them and mark them off :)
It was so overwhelming but really it was a great way to organize all the stuff, we didn't lose anything and nothing was broken! If we ever move again (even if it's just down the street) this is the only way I'll go! 

Saturday morning my parents came in and we spent the next two days and nights working our behinds off! I am so thankful they were able to come down, we could not have done it without them! 

I don't have too many photos of the (mostly) finished product,  but here is one shot of our kitchen and living room minus all the boxes! If y'all are interested I can work on a few home tour posts as the rooms fully come together! 

I looove our kitchen! It's my favorite room in the whole home :) I still haven't lit the gas stove but I'm working up the courage! I have been told (by many people) that once you start cooking with gas you'll never go back! I have to mention here that our kitchen would still be a hot mess without my Moms help! She washed so many little pieces of china, and ceramic animals and anything else you could think of that had gotten dirty in the move and made sure everything was sparkling clean before we put it up!! She also gave us that happy plate that is over our stove and she changed out the bow to a ribbon that matches our new cabinets! <3 

This little corner was so full of boxes at one point you couldn't even see the window!!! It looks a little empty at the moment but I'm so happy to have the boxes gone!!! And shout out to Chad and my Dad who mounted our TV and sound bar (and all the curtains and made like a million trips to the dumpster and did all the heavy lifting, seriously I could go on and on! I am so blessed by the men I have in my life and are so thankful for them!) 

I know this post has been a bit long but since it's been almost two weeks without one I figured you'd like a good one ;) I hope you all have a great weekend, I'm off to organize our closet (wish me luck!!!) and work on another fun project! **make sure you check the insta stories for real time updates!

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