Monday, June 26, 2017

Weekend Recap...

Selfie at the brewery! We will definitely be going back :) 

This weekend was not the most fun weekend we've ever had because Chad had to work both Saturday and Sunday.  He has a giant deadline coming up next week and both of us can't wait for him to be on the other side of it so he can relax just a bit! We both knew that moving to a new city for a new job would bring lots of challenges and sometimes that means working on the weekend (insert sad face here) 

Chad is so great about making the most of the time that we do have together special.   On Friday he called me last minute to see if I wanted to have lunch with him (which of course I did!!). I still had my jammies on but I grabbed the first dress I saw in my closet and rushed out to meet him.  I'm not positive I even brushed my hair I just threw on a hat! (he doesn't always get a full lunch with this deadline and I didn't want to waste any time!!) It was such a great start to our weekend and a fun surprise to see him in the middle of a work day! 

Saturday he had to work again so I spent the morning finishing up The Handmaid's Tale (so intense but so good! and OMG the cliff hanger! does anyone know when the next season comes out!?!?!) He came home a bit earlier than expected and the weather was finally looking nice so we went out to a local brewery.  I'm not big on beer but I am all about some food trucks and people watching! So many people had their dogs with them that I ended up dreaming about getting a puppy! (hopefully once we get in our new home we can finally get a dog!) 

After the brewery we were still a bit hungry so we went to a Cajun restaurant and we learned that I do not like Cajun food! In hind sight I should have just gotten another cheesesteak from the food truck (we split one and it was soo good!!!) 

Sunday Chad had to work again but he did get off in time for us to spend the afternoon together and the weather finally let up and he got to play soccer! I guess I'm not a soccer mom I'm a soccer wife! I've never been much of an outdoor person but I love watching him do something that he loves so much! Plus the other wife and girlfriends are super fun to hang out with! 

Sorry this post got so long!! Who would have though I would have so much to say about a weekend that was mostly spent on the couch! :) 

xo- Em

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