Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Things to do in Myrtle Beach

It was too chilly to actually sit on the beach this weekend, but it was great for walking! Also, the sound of waves crashing has always been so soothing to me! 

Broadway at the Beach 
Broadway at the Beach, is usually so packed, it's definilty a hopping tourist spot during the summer! They have lots of cute little shops, great restaurants, an aquarium and great people watching! During the day on Friday, it was basically deserted! It was kind of eery but also kind of cool to have the whole place to ourselves! We did some walking and window shopping.  We had a great time until we were met by a bunch of seagulls! There are areas where you can feed the fish, and the birds must have thought they were getting a snack too!! 

Selfie on the boardwalk (pre-bird scare)

Chad found some dinosaurs!

I found some pineapples! 

Hanging at the resort 
While there are lots and lots of things to do outside the hotel, it was also a great spot to just chill and watch the water! You can't ask for much more than a great cup of coffee and a beautiful view! You can read more about our stay in my post about the Hilton Double Tree Oceanfront here.

Where we ate: 

I think one of the best parts of traveling is the food! We love finding new spots to eat and visiting our old favorites in different cities! 

River City Cafe: 
I have grown up going to Pawley's Island and River City Cafe has always been one of my all time favorite places! I was so excited to see that they have added more locations!  It has a such a dive bar atmosphere (think walls covered in license plates and peanuts on the floor) but the food is simple and amazing! I keep coming back year after year (always ordering a chicken philly sandwich, hold the papers and onions, drowned in ketchup!) I was excited to share my love of this restaurant with Chad and our friends! 

Waffle House:
This one is totally not original, but it was my first time eating at one.  I have to say it was much better than I was expecting! They were quick and our breakfast was yummy! 

Milardo's Pizzeria and Sports Bar:
We ate here for a late lunch on Saturday and it was really really good! We ate pierogis, mozzarella sticks and pizza slices.  I had a Sicilian style slice, Chad ordered a New York style slice ( I think his was better than mine) While the pizza was great, the pierogis were fantastic!! You don't find them often in the south and these were homemade by the owner! I wish I had gotten a picture but we ate them entirely too fast to have a chance at a photo! 

Ocean Blue Dining and Lounge: 
This was the restaurant/bar at our hotel.  The food was great and the drinks were even better! Our last night we decided to just chill in the bar rather than venture out for more food (also, we were nowhere close to hungry after our late lunch) The atmosphere is super cool plus we got to end the night with the Double Tree signature warm cookies! 

Sorry this post got a little long! Thanks for stopping by! Do you have any great spots in Myrtle Beach? I'd love to hear about them in the comments! 

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