Monday, January 16, 2017

weekend recap

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a lovely weekend, ours was slam packed full, but those are always the best kinds! (until of course you crash and you have a weekend where you don't change out of your jammies all weekend, or move off the couch, which are also the best kinds!!)

We had a gender reveal on Saturday for some of our closest friends.  We each dressed up in the color of our guess.  I was on team pink (of course!) and Chad decided to cover all his bases and wore a blue button up with a pink tie (win- win?) The snacks were super yummy and the bows v bowties theme was adorable! This weekend I'm going to be making one of the dips we had and don't worry, I'll blog the whole process! When the balloons were finally popped pink confetti went everywhere and there were lots of hugs and tears to go around! It was adorable!!! After the reveal, we didn't want to waste an evening where all of our friends were together so we went to a local brewery and kept the party going for a while! I love any excuse to hang out with my people!

Sunday morning I was up at Pure Barre bright and early! (I'm working on a post about my obsession love of this workout, so it will be coming your way soon!) After getting in my workout, I went with my mom and one of my best friends to go... wedding dress shopping!!!  It was so much fun trying on lots of dresses and trying to envision what Chad would think of each of them! Other important criteria were walking ability, breathability, sitting ability and possibly most important- danceability! My dress does't come in until May-ish, and we are still about 8 months out from the wedding itself, but each step we take towards that direction makes it feel more and more real!!! Our wedding/honeymoon celebration is just going to be the best ever, I can't feel it!

Thanks for reading, I truly appreciate all the support that my little blog has gotten already! I'll keep posting, and you keep reading :)

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