Friday, January 20, 2017

Freshly Picked Friday II

Happy Fri-YAY! This week went by so fast!! I feel like I was just posting my last Friday post! Here's what I've been crushing on this week.  


Ya'll! I am getting so close to my 100th Pure Barre class!  Ok, so really I'm in the high 60's, but I'm already planning my 100th class outfit! In case you missed it, Lilly now makes active wear and I'm dying over here for these bright fun prints! These things have a tendency to sell out, so I'll probably have to go ahead and buy it and hide it from myself for the next 30+ classes (definitely easier said than done!!) 

This Shawn Mendes album is giving me major John Mayer vibes!  I have been listening to it this week and it's like college all over again... except now I have bills and responsibilities :)  Lights On is probably my favorite that's not on the radio right now and of course Mercy is pretty much amazing (thus the radio stations are playing it non-stop!) There is a line in the movie Elizabethtown that has really stuck with me.  Kirsten Dunsts character says "Some music needs air. Roll down your window." Until I heard those words I would have never been able to put my finger on it but, yes, some music just needs air. Mercy is one of those songs, so if you're going to jam out to it, I recommend rolling down your windows and cranking it up :) 

I know that I have already talked about the gender reveal that we went to last weekend, but I've been thinking about this precious baby all week and have to include her in my post! These ladies are my best friends on the whole planet, they are the most wonderful, supportive, amazing women and I am so lucky to have them in my life! This will be the first babe in our little group and we are all just so excited to meet her and love on her! 

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