Friday, January 13, 2017

Freshly Picked Friday I

Hi Y'all!!  Has this week been crazy for anyone else? This has been the first full week that I have worked in a while due to all the holidays and it definitely took its toll! Every day felt like a Monday, and I never felt like I really got on top of everything on my ever growing to-do list!

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to do a running Friday post of my favorite things from the week.  So here we are "Freshly Picked Friday" Volume I 

#1: Have you heard this song yet? It's totally amazing and I can't stop listening to it! (I'm talking over and over and over) Zayn has a great falsetto and I always love Taylor Swift! It's definitely a little different than anything on the top 40 at the moment (at the time of this post it's sitting at #14 on the Billboard Hot 100) but I have a feeling it will be taking over very soon.  

#2: It was so nice to have a snow day last weekend! In the south we don't see snow all too often so I'm always fascinated to watch it fall! As thankful as I was for the snow, I'm also very thankful for the 70 degree weather today! Winter weather is lovely and all but, I'm definitely a warm weather girl!! 

Chad was laughing so hard at me trying my Pure Barre moves in the snow! I had to explain to him that I normally have a bar for some balance and sticky socks instead of boots! My studio had a photo challenge since we got snowed in and missed classes last Saturday (which is why I was Pure Barre-ing in the snow in the first place :) )

Hopefully next week will clam down a bit and I'll get back into my normal routine! Thanks for reading! 

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