Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Foot Golf

Ya'll, let me tell you, my husband loves sports! Like, seriously, loves them.  He loves to play them, watch them, talk about them, read about them and now, teach me about them! I cheered and danced my whole life so I have a little surface knowledge of sports but thanks to Chad I have learned so much more.  While my knowledge might be a little more, my skills are definitely questionable!! 

Chad's very favorite sport is soccer, he coaches and plays (on a few teams!) and when he told me that he really wanted to try foot golf I knew it would be the perfect Christmas gift!  There is one course in the greater Charlotte area but I thought it would be much more fun to get away for the weekend and go somewhere warm less cold! Our friends, Zac and Mindy, play on a co-ed team with Chad and they were the perfect foot golf dates! I wasn't sure how much fun I would have since I have zero experience playing, but it was seriously so much fun! 

We got so lucky Saturday morning when we were greeted with the most beautiful sunrise! While it was a bit windy the sunshine was warm and it ended up being a beautiful morning to be outside! After a quick breakfast at Waffle House (a first for me and Mindy), we were off!

The course we found was Tupelo Bay Golf Center in Myrtle Beach, SC.  They have foot golf, regular golf and mini golf.  We went around 10am on Saturday morning and we basically had the whole course to ourselves! I'm sure it get's a lot more crowded during the warmer months, but it was more fun for me knowing that I had much less of a chance of hitting a stranger with a rogue ball! 

Foot Golf is basically a combo of golf and soccer, we played on a par 3 course and the goal is to get your ball in the hole but instead of a golf ball and clubs you have a soccer ball and your feet! Once I learned what "the green" was (seriously Chad, it's all grass! It's all green!!!) and took a few practice shots I think I got the hang of it! We also didn't take things too seriously, we didn't even keep our score card, which made things a lot more fun for me! 

I can't wait to find more courses in the future and come back for 18 more holes once the weather warms up a bit!!! 


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  1. Your pictures are great. the first one is so beautiful you should make a poster size of it and use it in your house.