Thursday, August 3, 2017


Every day this beautiful state finds a new way to amaze me! Whether it's a colorful sunset or the gorgeous mountins I drive by every morning on my way to work, there is so much beauty here that I had no clue about! 

These photos were taken out where Chad plays soccer, I love that I get to watch him play the game he loves so much in these breathtaking views! (Also there are usually crazy beautiful sunsets!) I think that as crazy as this world gets it's important to take a step back and remember just how small we are in it. 

I set out to take photos of this top that I found at Target last week, but when I was going through the photos I couldn't help but realize how small I look next to the landscape- which of course led to this post :)  

In talking about the top though, I love how the ruffles move!!  Also, it's probably the softest top in my closet right now (aside from my beloved jammies!) I have looked all over and it's no longer online with Target but perhaps if you check your clearance rack a few might still be out there! And trust me, if you find it, it's totally worth it!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Maxi Skirt Love

It's no secret I love leggings in cold weather, they are so cozy and easy to wear, plus with the right top they look totally pulled together! However,  in the summer (especially an Alabama summer) leggings are just not an option! For the warmer months I gravitate to maxi skirts and dresses. They can provide the same easy and comfy outfit while still being climate appropriate! 

I have had this maxi skirt from J. Crew longer than I can remember quite honestly! Every summer I reach for it over and over,  I've also been known to wear it as a dress. (You can see a different maxi skirt styled as a dress in this post

Since this skirt is old, I've linked a few that are available online now:

This skirt from Gap has such a cute wrap detail and I love the stripes!! 

I love the slit on this Old Navy maxi skirt, it would be super cute to knot this one up at the bottom! (and it's on sale!) 

This Asos maxi skirt even has pockets! 

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the weekend!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Girls Trip!!!

Back when I left Charlotte, I left a lot of things behind.  One of the most irreplaceable things was my work family.  I have a job here and it's great but for the last few years I've had the privilege of working along side of some of my best friends.  Sure work is hard and can be stressful but at the end of the day we all still left as friends.  

Before we moved we had all made plans to go river tubing in Asheville, NC (we went last year as well and had a blast!!!) The trip had been planned long before Chad and I decided to move, but it was so much more special since it gave me a great excuse to road trip to see some of my friends from home!!

We met up for breakfast at Happy Jacks to fuel up for our adventure! While we had a cooler you don't want to be stuck on the river hungry! While it kind of looks like it should be on Diners Drive In's and Dives, this place was amazing!! We actually ended up eating there again on Sunday morning! The first morning I had an omelet with the best home fries ever and on Sunday I had pancakes and bacon (and more home fries!!) 

The trip down the river was so great...for the first 3 hours.  During the last hour the sky turned black and we had to paddle as hard as we could to make it to the end before the storm hit!

 River tubing is one of my favorite summer activities (especially down the French Broad River) laying in the tube and casually floating down the river is such a great way to spend a Saturday! It was so great to get to catch up with everyone and hear about all the fun I'm missing out on at the office!

We were really lucky that we made it out before there was too much lightening.  Everything was soaked and the stress level was high for a bit, but it definitely made it more of an adventure! 

There are a few different places to tube in Asheville but we went Zen River Tubing. You can check them out using this link.  They are open until September 10 so you still have a few weekends left this summer! 

Thanks to Jordan's Go-Pro for all the fun photos!

We got back safely to our hotel and got ready for dinner, I always forget how much fun it is having a room full of girls getting ready together :) I think they are some of my favorite memories! 

and of course we had to take a #mirrorselfie

We had dinner at Pack's Tavern and the food was soooo good!! 
You can view their website and menu here.  My personal favorite is the French Dip! Also, if you have a driver you should definitely have an orange crush (seriously though these are so yummy they could be dangerous!!) 

After eating all the food in Asheville dinner we did our best to burn it off on a pubcycle tour! 

We've seen these bike pub thingy's all over in different cities but I've never actually tried one.  We had reservations for one that night and even though I'm not a beer drinker (I brought a diet coke for the tour!) it was still so much fun pedaling coasting while the boys on our pub tour peddled!  They played some great songs from our teenage years and we sang and laughed all night! If you've ever seen one of these around you might have thought "That is the most annoying yet fun thing I've ever seen!" And yes, we were loud and obnoxious and only went like 13mpg which blocked a lot of traffic ut also yes, we had SO MUCH FUN!!!! We booked through Amazing Pubcycle and our driver was the best!! Thanks Amadeus for a great tour! 

We had such a fun weekend and Asheville never disappoints in the food department! I know it's getting to be back to school season and soon we will be exited for fall and pumpkin spice everything but if you have a chance before fall hits, I really recommend spending a day tubing!! (just make sure you check the weather first!!)